A Successful First 2 Days for Free Voter Blog

Our blog premiered yesterday, and we are anxiously checking the benchmarks for blog success. We’re happy to report our social media results so far:

Website Hits: 91 today & 89 yesterday

Facebook:  108 Likes

Twitter:  80 Followers

We realize there is a long road to Politico.com, but we’re excited with the early success. We hope people will enjoy checking out a blog of independent voices!

Jim Maisano

One thought on “A Successful First 2 Days for Free Voter Blog

  1. Good essay on ISIS. However if Western powers react too overtly, which is what ISIS may want, this may inflame the hearts of many in US allied countries, i.e., Saudi Arabia. The average male might be unaware of how Western democracies really work for the only information available may be from their local places of worship. Strong governments must have (in our 21st century viewpoint) an educated an well informed populace. Ignorance is the cause of many ills. The Arabic essence of their history may be short and narrowly focused only on western interventions and little else.
    This is also a battle to keep the populaces of our allies flaming up. It is a delicate line/balance.
    I also would like to know how the economic war against ISIS is faring. There should be one slowing cutting off their $6 million income form oil etc., War is more than just boots on the ground. Can they be slowly starved economically? There is no news on this.


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