Kurds holding off ISIS in Kobani, but still waiting for more help

images (1)My first post on the Free Voter Blog addressed the issue of the potential human rights crisis relating to the ISIS rampage through Syria and Iraq. The major battleground right now is Kobani near the Syria/Turkey border. The Kurds are courageously defending that city while waiting for more help from the U.S., Europe or Turkey, although they are being assisted by air power from the U.S. led coalition. Turkey will not even let its Kurdish citizens cross the border to help defend Kobani. If Kobani falls, you can expect innocent Kurds to be slaughtered by ISIS. I continue to believe that a few battalions of troops from U.S., Great Britain or France would easily repel ISIS, but don’t see the necessary leadership to make this happen. Here are some articles about the crisis:




Jim Maisano