Stopping The Continuing Terrorist Threats Must be a World Priority


The attempt to form a coalition to fight the ISIS terrorist group does not appear to be going well thus far.  It seems that there is no unified plan and no end in sight for dealing with this problem and with the continuous terrorist threats which exist.   The United States has taken the lead in fighting against terrorist organizations and their sponsors since September 11, 2001, but it is time for all of the nations of the world to come together to do so as it is in all of their interests.  The United Nations was created to address such threats and deal with such situations following World War II, but does not appear to be capable of doing so at the present time.  Other organizations, such as NATO, also have to invest in defeating this threat.  The dangers are too extreme for the United Nations and organizations such as NATO to sit on the sidelines on this.  The United States is not the world’s police force but it has the might to assist or lead militarily.  For a long term solution, the decision and resources must come in unison from all nations as all nations are at risk.  Only a concerted world effort will be able to eradicate this threat from the level at which it currently exists.  It must be made a priority for the sake of living in a civilized world.