Poor Middle Me


One of my high school teachers has taken to calling me a “liberal” when he sees me. Evidently, my volunteer efforts with animal rescue, which I proudly share through social media, gave me away. Saving dogs and cats from abuse, neglect and unnecessary euthanization makes me clearly left of center. Suggesting that mental health services receive greater coverage by insurance companies, also a wacky, leftist point of view. I support gay marriage, though I don’t think that my church has to, so I can’t possibly be anything but liberal. And I don’t care for Sarah Palin.

At the same time, another friend loves me despite the fact that I’m a “right-wing radical.” Apparently, because I’m overwhelmed with taxes and want all levels of government to be accountable, I’m a right-winger (mind you, I live in the highest-taxed county in the country). I think law-abiding people should be allowed to own guns. I also strongly stand with our police officers. I believe that families raise children – not schools or government. And I don’t care for Nancy Pelosi.

It’s all crazy stuff, I know!

So, where is this post going? Nowhere, I suppose. It looks like this post is stuck in the middle, much like my views. Not right. Not left. But the worst part of being a “middler” is that both parties pretend to care about you but neither really does. Inevitably, they both put up candidates that echo the far extreme of either doctrine, leaving those of us who want compromise and moderation feeling left right out.

Jean Maisano