Sports for Sale


I just read that the NBA is planning to put ads on the players’ uniforms. Let’s go New York Gilletes! Way to go Brooklyn Samsungs! As if sports teams don’t make enough money, the NBA teams will now be renting out space on uniforms to squeeze out another few million in profits. It’s bad enough the price of taking your kids to a game has gone up so much. Now we have to be bombarded with ads even while watching the players during the game.  You see ads inside of all baseball fields and even driving up to some of the stadiums, such as Citi Field, where ads are plastered all along the side of the stadium, making it look like you are driving up to a huge shopping center instead of a baseball stadium.  Sports has become an out of control business where the fun and purity of the game is being overshadowed by profit making.  When I was growing up, sports was something fun turned to in order to get escape from the day to day activities of life. It was something where teamwork and competition were practiced and enjoyed by those playing and those watching, with some sense of purity.  It has now become more about making money, where many families are being priced out of attending games and where making money has overshadowed all else.  There is nowhere left to hide.