Eliminate Hate – Bipartisanship and Cooperation Always Work Much Better!


At the Free Voter Blog, we work from the premise that hate is a bad emotion which clouds your judgment. It’s usually a mistake to make statements or decisions based on hate. But on Friday night, I was working on growing our Twitter followers for this blog and found so many left and right wingers that even expressed hatred for political opponents in Twitter profiles. These hard-liners made similar accusations – the other side is “evil” or “dumb,” and they were (self-righteously) trying to save our nation.

As evidence of this overly partisan trend, I noticed this week that a Stanford University study found that political animosity now exceeds racial hostility. In some ways, this finding shows progress since we now dislike each other more for political viewpoints than the color of our skin.

See study: http://news.stanford.edu/news/2014/october/dems-gop-polarized-10-08-14.html

However, as an elected official for 17 years, it’s been clear to me that the best legislative moments at the Westchester County Board of Legislators were always the result of bipartisanship and cooperation. I can’t think of a single issue where harsh partisanship was helpful in the decision-making process. I find it difficult to be overly partisan because I have worked with some excellent Republican and Democrat legislators. The talent on our Board of Legislators never broke down on party lines.

Therefore, join the Free Voter Blog in our effort to support and promote an informed and independent electorate that votes for the best candidates instead of the party line. The result will be better government.

Jim Maisano