Looking for Non-Biased News Coverage

free press

A former CBS Invesigative reporter (Sharyl Attkinsson) has written a book (“Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington”) detailing how the network killed many of her reports because they were critical of the Obama Administration.  Sadly, this is not surprising.  It seems to be the norm that news networks, newspapers and media outlets all have a bias of some type.  Killing a respected investigative reporter’s stories is just a very glaring example of this.  This type of conduct chills objective journalism and deters reporters from going against the desire of their bosses to tilt the news being reported a certain way.   A healthy democracy requires a free and unbiased press that will question the government that we have and seek to ensure that it is acting in a responsible manner.  What we have when this is lacking is the bomb-throwing and spinning that goes on from both sides of the aisle which deters real dialogue and compromise.  News reports are discounted as partisan or biased pieces of reporting by those on the opposite side.  While there are some news agencies and newspapers which try to be more objective, this is not the norm.  Hopefully, the tide will turn back towards more responsible and unbiased  reporting as our democracy needs it to thrive.