Our Language Does Truly S*CK

Either I must be getting old or being a father has impacted my view. I’d have to agree with my fellow blogger, Jean Maisano, that our tolerance for inappropriate language has significantly increased. Television is where we see this the most.

An article in the New York Post, “Family Extinct” as sitcoms get more vulgar, highlights this trend. I’ll add an example from a show I happened to watch the Tuesday night.

My wife, teenager daughter, and I love to watch TheVoice. The only reality show I like (except for Amazing Race, but I don’t watch regularly. I digress). The show went off at 9 pm and Marry Me started. Fortunately, my daughter turned to her homework, while I continued to watch. It was a Halloween episode and centered around kids trick or treating in the apartment building the central characters reside in. What totally shocked me was two things. The language of the characters was so bad that they bleeped the sound and pixelated their mouths. Mind you, this is a RECORDED show, not live. Second, one of the main characters’ friends decided to wear an inappropriate costume to a Halloween party. So inappropriate that when she appeared in the costume, pixelation was over her private parts. I have never seen anything like that during prime time.

It’s unfortunate, but my children won’t have memories like I have of watching the CBS Saturday night lineup of All in the Family, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show, and The Carol Burnett Show with my entire family. Those were good (and clean) times.

Jeffrey Hastie