Is the Environment still a major issue?


While the recent elections hinged largely on economic issues and to a lesser degree, foreign policy issues, there were a fair number of election ads dealing with the environment.  As a matter of fact, it continues to be an issue with the Keystone Pipeline and with the recent U.S.-China Greenhouse Gas Emissions Pledge/Agreement.  Putting aside whether the Pipeline and the agreement with China are good ideas, what these show is that the environment continues to be an issue of some importance.  While the science in support of the global warming theory is not very conclusive, there is enough evidence there to make us pause and wonder what the long-term effects of it will be.  People are more concerned with the economy, but if one tenth of what those most concerned with global warming believe will occur comes true, the impact on the economy and the day to day lives of many would be catastrophic.   The earth’s environment is resilient and can adjust to most things, but why take the risk if one of the outcomes of global warming can be dramatic climate shifts and rising sea levels.  It is better to err on the side of caustion and take pragmatic steps to minimize the effects of global warming.