Too Many People Only Checking News Sources They Agree With

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We started the Free Voter Blog because we are troubled by too many people getting their news only from sources promoting their political views – liberals only checking liberal websites and conservatives only checking conservative websites. Too many Americans are not speaking to each other about the issues of the day and are not even open to debate. We believe this is bad for our democracy. It’s absurd to think that either the left wing or right wing is correct on every issue. That’s why the goal of the Free Voter Blog is to help stimulate a free and independent electorate. When people tell us they only vote straight Democrat or Republican, we believe this is an admission that they didn’t put much effort into following the issues and evaluating the candidates on the ballot. We can teach a four-year-old to just fill in the circles across only one party’s line on Election Day.

That’s why we found the above chart in the USA Today so interesting. It demonstrates how people are only following the news they politically agree with. The data comes from a thoughtful study conducted by the Pew Research Center, which found that, “When it comes to getting news about politics and government, liberals and conservatives inhabit different worlds.” Here’s the link to this excellent Pew Research Center study:

Therefore, the Free Voter Blog, which discusses issues in an open-minded and nonpartisan way, certainly fills an important need in our nation’s political discourse. Please join us for a more independent debate of the issues we face – everyone is invited!

Jim Maisano

One thought on “Too Many People Only Checking News Sources They Agree With

  1. The Westchester News said:

    New York American’s like us don’t have a clue about what is going to happen to New York State in the very near future.

    American’s should start a new political party, we should just have “ONE” Political Party called “The American Party” for people like me and other concerned citizens and lawmakers like you Jim Maisano, and it should be called, The American Party.

    All the illegal immigrants across America are going to flood New York State, especially, Westchester County, and it is going to cost New Yorkers billions!

    Welfare is a Federal Program, and New York State is the only state in all the United States that supports undocumented illegal immigrants on Welfare.

    Here is the problem, once New York State has run out of their limited Federal Funding, then, guess who has to cover the cost of the Welfare for all these illegals. That’s right the taxpayers will have to pay the bill.

    New York Lawmakers better stop this from happening or taxpayers will be packing their bags and moving out of New York State to Connecticut and New Jersey!

    Immigrants in management positions don’t hire white or black Americans, in fact they don’t even like them. They hire their own kind, illegal undocumented immigrants, no speak English, you hired!!! You work 18 hour day I pay you cash. That’s the deal all these immigrant business owners have with the illegals that they hire.

    If you are an American business owner, hire an American, even if you have to pay the American more. Give your fellow Americans the job. Invest in your country or it won’t be your country for very long. New York State is infested with illegal immigrants. Just look around, you’ll see it!

    New York State is imbedded with undocumented illegal immigrants, they’re collecting welfare, free housing, medicaid, food stamps, and their working off the books 18 hour days for years with cheap labor, they should have to payback the taxpayers and owe the government all these back taxes they didn’t pay with penalties, just like Americans have to do.

    Why don’t lawmakers crackdown on these immigrant “Mom & Pop” businesses? Why? If, I know about it, you know about it, no excuses.

    I just thought I’d share that reality with you and your fellow lawmakers.

    Be attentive of the world around you, read all the newspapers, read all the blogs, etc. You can make a difference now, but, sooner or later, you will be a civilian again, and you will regret that you didn’t do more to make a difference when you had the chance.

    The Westchester News is the voice of reason, it makes people think, it’s the voice of the people. We may not be on that list above, and, that’s okay because we don’t believe in polls, we believe in the truth, we keep the public informed by telling them the truth!

    You are doing a good job as a lawmaker Jim Maisano, keep doing good for the citizens of Westchester County, keep educating us about what’s going on inside Westchester County government! Thanks.

    The Westchester News is built on a solid rock, it’s real.


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