Consider donation to military or veteran charity this year!

Armed_ForcesThere are only a few days left in 2014, and I know people like to make charity donations in the final week of the year. I’m making several donations this week. As a Marine Corps veteran, I’m partial to donations to military/veteran groups, and I imagine there are others out there that may like to do the same. However, I must advise caution when making donations to military/veteran charities. Sadly, there are scam artists out there exploiting our kindness to the brave people that serve or have served in our armed forces (a Google search revealed prosecutions for such scam groups).

Thanks to two excellent websites, I have researched military/veterans charities for about a decade to make sure my donations are going to those that really need it – Charity Navigator & Charity Watch. Before making a donation to ANY charity, I recommend investigating that charity group on these two informative websites.

Based on my research, I recommend you join me in making donations to the following highly rated military/veteran groups – each followed by website link:

I admit to a bias for charities that help Marines, but there are many other worthy military/veteran groups to consider for a donation, and you can do your own research at the following links at Charity Navigator and Charity Watch:

God bless our military and veterans. Happy New Year!

Jim Maisano

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