Advice for the 114th Congress


This week marks the beginning of the 114th Congress. It’s been documented how drastic a change this will be from the 113th and how historic (biggest Republican majority since 1929, hope that’s not a bad omen). What’s been said of the 113th is that it is one of the productive of all time. They passed 279 bills, the second fewest in history. In my book, that’s a home run. I’d rather not have Congress passing any more bills than is absolutely necessary to run the Federal government. Legislation needs to stay on the books long enough to generate a history of whether it accomplished its task or not. I’m a small business owner so their impact isn’t as significant to me as say a medium to large-sized business or one that is a heavily regulated industry. Leave what we have in place and let’s see how things pan out.

That’s my first advice. My second is for every member of Congress to Brené Brown speak on vulnerability. I’m a big fan of TED Talks. If you don’t know what that is, I highly recommend you check out their website. They are an organization that likes to spread ideas and to get people talking. They bring interesting people to discuss their history, viewpoint, research, or anything else of interest. Brené studies human interaction. Her talk on relationships and vulnerability, of value to all, would be particularly suited for those in Washington. I’ve provided a link below.

Would love to hear your comments. Please share them below.

Jeffrey Hastie