Defeating The Growing ISIS Threat

Mideast Syria Al-Qaida Baghdadi

The ISIS threat is continuing to grow and spread still without a plan or strategy from the United States or world community to confront it.  This organization and the radicals who are bastardizing and distorting a religion as a justification for their barbarism must be stopped and destroyed.  It is an attack not just on our values, but on the civilized world as a whole.  As more and more nations are directly affected by this, they are looking to the United States for support and leadership.  President Obama must step up and provide this with the support of Congress and the international organizations willing to join.  Making statements acknowledging that there have been Christians in the past (more than 700 years ago) who used their religion as a justification for war does nothing towards providing this leadership and will only embolden the radicals we are fighting.  Appeasement will only lead to the continued growth and spread of radicals of the Muslim faith.  The entire civilized world community, including Muslim nations, are looking to the United States for support and leadership.  The United States, more than any other nation, has a responsibility to do this.  The values of freedom and democracy are what defines us as a nation.  The leadership which has been provided during the past century by the United States in securing and spreading these values is still needed.  The sacrifices made by those who gave their lives fighting for these values would be for naught if we fail to confront and defeat the evil of ISIS and radicalism which we are now facing.  More than 40 nations have agreed to join a coalition that will be led by the United States against ISIS.  The world is waiting for the United States to lead.