I can’t vote for Trump

I think of myself as a pro-freedom Republican. This means I seek to expand freedom and liberty in forming public policy positions. I support capitalism and wish to advance free markets and free trade; lower taxes, controlled government spending and reformed tax code that roots out corporate welfare; strong national defense and support of our military; protection of the personal liberties enshrined in the Constitution (in particular the First Amendment which is under assault); people living their lives free from discrimination; immigration reform that provides a path to legality or citizenship; healthy environment with clean air and clean water; and protection of private property rights (including opposing eminent domain abuse). I’m concerned about our privacy rights being trampled by government security efforts. Bernie Sanders is correct that the system is rigged for elites, but he’s incorrect on the cause – it’s the massive growth of the federal and some state governments (like New York) that lead to policies that greatly favor wealthy and powerful elites.

Because of these views, I cannot vote for Donald Trump in the primary or general election. On top of being rude and vulgar, Trump is wrong on immigration, civil rights, civil liberties, trade, economics, foreign policy, entitlement reform and other issues. His mean and dumb comments about people I respect like John McCain and Megyn Kelly are way beyond the acceptable give and take by candidates in campaigns.

To explain further, I will rely on the paragraph below (with excellent links) from a recent post on The Volokh Conspiracy blog by Ilya Somin entitled “Time to Unite Against Trump.”

“I will only highlight a few of The Donald’s lowlights. Trump openly advocates massacring innocent civilians. He wants to use bogus lawsuits and FCC censorship to suppress the speech of his critics, and recently pined for the “old days” when his supporters would have been allowed to beat protesters to the point where they have to [be] “carried out on a stretcher.” He has lobbied for the government to condemn a widow’s home so he could use it to build a casino parking lot. He has utter contempt for constitutional property rights, and other constitutional limitations on government power. He wants to deport millions of people to lives of Third World poverty and oppression, including hundreds of thousands of children born in the United States, who have never known any other home. And he would engage in massive discrimination on the basis of religion.”

The polls show I’m not alone, as a significant percent of Republicans will not vote for Trump in the general election. Because of Trump’s professed views and bullying personality, I can’t be part of helping him obtain the powers of the presidency – it’s a frightening proposition. I will be watching closely over the next few months to see if my fellow Republicans are wise enough to select a better candidate than Donald Trump (while watching Trump nemesis Megyn Kelly each night on Fox News).

Jim Maisano

(Jim serves as a Westchester County Legislator)

2 thoughts on “I can’t vote for Trump

  1. Jim: We love you, we respect you and hope you will reconsider supporting Trump in the event that he is the nominee. Trump is not perfect but there may be far worse candidates in a general election. Trump clearly loves America. He is hard working. He advocates protecting citizens from danger. He supports our Troops and Veterans. We are sick over the fact that Americans and others have been beheaded by ISIS. We are beside ourselves that innocents continue to be slaughtered by terrorists. We are fearful of the Zika virus and other maladies that we have been exposed to because our borders are too lax. We are disgusted by the hypocracy and lack of leadership that has permeated the Country. We do not agree with Trump on many issues. However, we do believe that he is committed to making America great again and will work diligently to achieve that goal. The Volokh Conspiracy is made up primarily of big firm lawyers and academics – not rank and file Americans like us who have had it with Washington. Best Regards,


  2. great post…..I think I’m on the same wave length….I consider myself a moderate Republican. I supported Ronald Reagan back in 1980 ( It was actually the first presidential election I voted in), mainly because I was disgusted with what Jimmy Carter had done to our country. Not much later did I see how the far right had taken control of the Republican Party and it was a huge turnoff for me. I tend to be more liberal on social issues and more conservative on national security, government spending, etc.. While there are some issues that I happen to be in sync with when it comes to Donald Trump, there are too many others that I am not. Additionally, he lacks eloquence, respectability and seems to only possess a thin veil of knowledge when it comes to domestic and international issues. I do have an appreciation for his business acumen and fire in his belly.I am not sure what my options will be. I am not impressed with any of the other options either. I could never vote for Hillary or Sanders. Equally, I could never get myself to vote for Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Kasich. I guess that leaves Marco Rubio. He’s way to conservative on the social issues for my taste, but I think he has a good grasp of what needs to get done after 8 years of Obama. I’m just not sure how effective he will be at accomplishing it. Perhaps we can morph Marco with Trump ! Time will tell. Again, thnx for posting.


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