Cal Berkeley & Another Loss for Free Speech

I’m disappointed that Ann Coulter’s speech is now canceled at Cal Berkeley. I’m not a fan of Coulter, but I’m a fan of the 1st Amendment, and this trend in our country where anti-freedom thugs are allowed to threaten or cause violence to shut down conservative speakers on college campuses is a black mark for our country. I would write the same post if liberal speakers were being shut down. All those who believe in true freedom from left to right must band together and fight to fully protect free speech in our nation. There is only one way to defeat speech you disagree with in a free society and that is to offer better and more thoughtful speech in rebuttal.

Here’s a thoughtful post on free speech at colleges from ACLU:

We All Need to Defend Speech We Hate

Jim Maisano

(Jim serves as a Westchester County Legislator in New York)

2 thoughts on “Cal Berkeley & Another Loss for Free Speech

  1. The violence comes from the Left.


  2. The Maoist Red Guards have come to America. This is a very sad development for freedom of thought and speech in Academia as well as the entire country.

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